Idk, im just upset okay. Not even sure why. But this weekend is shitty. Like wes isn’t even trying to text me. Like he texts me some time between breaks but that is bullshit. He can’t text cause its too loud? Oh sorry I didn’t know it took hearing to text. He hasn’t even told me he missed me. If you really couldn’t go a day without thinking of your girlfriend how could someone not even make an attempt to try to text all day? Idk maybe im being ridiculous, I just know if we traded places id try texting him as much as I could. Plus what makes it even worst and that he is at a place with girls that barely wear clothes… like can he not even see where im coming from? And he is on drugs so his head isnt straight, what if a girl flirts with him? What if he flirts back? Cause If I wanted to talk to other guys I would tell my boyfriend I couldn’t talk, cause thats what I did with Ryan. Is he doing that to me?

Sunday is our 8 months and im sad to say one he might not even text me happy anniversary and two he probably wont text me much at all. He is going to leave me alone on our 8 month.

Why cant I get cute things without me having to ask for it. I understand that im his first girlfriend but seriously?

I’ve slept in his sweater these past two nights and i feel like such a fucking fool.

But hey, all my boyfriends would rather get high and party then be with me. I understand. Im used to it. Whatever.

God, im just upset okay.

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